WALL·E, worst animated movie of 2008

Yes, worse than Horton Hears a Woo!.

I don’t know where to start. Almost everything sucks. The only good thing is that it lasts only 98 minutes.

The robots are not realistic; they look like humans. It’s fine when Disney’s animals just look like humans, and it pleases their furry-fetish fanbase, but they could have made some sort of effort this time.
The discussions between the two main robots are completely unrealistic. They aren’t able to communicate efficiently, they have “robotic voices” (what a cliché) that suffer from the Kenny Dilemma: you don’t understand what he says, but it gets old; and sometimes you understand because the story needed it. But let’s ignore that and pretend it’s fun and kids might like it.
Their meeting looked like a bad remake of the Tarzan/Jane meeting. Still on their behavior: WALL·E sleeps. They “kiss” and hold hands. There is no robotic traits at all. They could have at least added some robotic characteristics…
Oh, and why on Earth a robot has to display blinking eyes on a screen?

The visuals are not impressive. Robots are easy to modelize (especially WALL·E‘s friend: no textures needed), backgrounds are very simple, and the humans were very lazily done (the plot helps, and the only good-looking human you will see is not a 3D rendering, it’s a real actor).

Talking of the plot. How come humans are able to build state-of-the-art maintenance-free spaceships to get out of their earth full of garbage, but can’t clean it, or just throw the garbage on another planet?). Oh, and they spend their time eating and throwing a lot of garbage in space too. This doesn’t differ from the usual “humans are bad” line of Disney’s, but this time it’s plain stupid.
One joke that was almost funny but was very typical: WALL·E throws a diamond ring and keeps the box.

It’s bad and ridiculous. Not as bad an ridiculous as Fight Club, though. And it’s not that boring. But don’t pay to watch a bad movie patently done by lazy people.