Steve Jobs is Big Brother

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the members of the Party are convinced all the restrictions are for their own good, and all their thinking processes are convoluted, just like Apple fanboys accept the restrictions, wait and pay for each new feature passively, etc. Their perception of reality is distorted.

They look down on those who are not members of the Party (Apple fanboys tend to believe they are part of an elite), yet the proles are actually more free!

Apple’s communication is also quite similar to the Party, in the way that it is incoherent (“there is no iPhone 4 antenna issue, but we will provide a free fix for it”) yet completely accepted.

Production is always higher, just like every Apple announcement is a revolution, and every new product was a success. The latter reminds me of the historical blindness: fanboys erase Apple’s previous failures (technical and commercial) from their minds, and we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

Steve Jobs once said “Freedom from porn”, which will remind of “Freedom is slavery”.

Steve Jobs is viewed as an immortal genius by fanboys; Big Brother is the immortal leader of the Party. Without Steve Jobs, there is no Apple; there is no Party without Big Brother. There is a very strong cult of personality, and you know what it usually leads to.