Feminism is a mental illness

Read this.

So she:
– took a picture of the “offending” guys without their knowledge (isn’t that illegal?)
– published it on twitter
– instead of confronting them, publicly complains to thousands of other people who should not give a damn
– write a 2000 word unreadable blog post about the “situation”
– seems proud of getting the guys fired

I posted the following comment:

The only thing to retain from this article: don’t talk at a tech conference if there is a woman nearby.
Now, will this help women get into tech? Of course not, they will feel shunned. I’d like to have more women there, but batshit insane feminists will not allow it.

Granted, it’s not the best thing I ever wrote. Yet, it’s true: I will now not talk near women at a tech conference, because I will fear for my career.

Result? She banned my IP; not from commenting but from ever accessing her blog.

Thankfully, the most popular comments call her out on her bullshit too; they just don’t see she is also harming women by her actions.

Also, GitHub actually jokes on the “fork” word too, they display “hardcore forking action” when you “fork” a repository. I hope she goes after them next!

There’s more: she makes fun of developer stereotypes on Twitter, or jokes about penis size.

I have the whole “talking to a developer without making direct eye contact” thing down to a science, lol!

How do you know you’re talking to an outgoing developer? They look at your shoes instead of their own

you should put something in your pants next time…like a bunch of socks inside one…large…sock. TSA agent faint

Now, I’m not saying she should not make those jokes; but when you do that kind of shit don’t judge other people’s jokes.

Update: She lost her job too. I felt bad because it will probably will be harder for her to find a new one. Then I found yet another crazy tweet. How can someone think such horrible things that are damageable for everyone?

Black people CANNOT be racist against White people. Racism is a position of the oppressor who has the power