Gallhammer is an all girl Black/Doom/Crust band from Tokyo, Japan.

Wow. Cute Japanese girls playing doom metal? I expected to LOLWTF, but I didn’t. Actually they sounded quite good. Moreover, they have a dead tree on their CD cover, and while it’s a big doom cliché, I fucking love dead trees. Well, by looking at the promo pictures it seems they invented some sort of “visual doom”, however they don’t look that ridiculous (not compared to some Norwegian true black metal band I will not name, but compared to the Japanese+women combo).

Let’s not forget the lineup:

Mika Penetrator – vocals, guitars
Vivian Slaughter – vocals, bass
Risa Reaper – drums, vocals

If you want to discover other extreme metal female vocalists, you should get this dusty but still good compilation.