Why do we have freedoms?

I often think, we claim that we aren’t free, and that it’s getting worse, but then why are we able to claim it? Why wouldn’t our oppressors censor us?1.

By looking a tad deeper, we see that states actually constantly try to censor. Of course, it’s to censor the bad stuff like pedonazism2. Obviously, if you protest, you must be a pedonazi. Defamation laws3 and copyright laws4 are also used as censorship tools.

Still, nowadays it’s incredibly easy to publish and never get punished for it. Is it because the State is lax? No, not at all; it’s because it has been rendered powerless. It has been rendered powerless by Gutenberg, by Xerox, by the Internet, etc. It now acts like he gave you that freedom, but it never intended to.
Want freedom? Stop asking for it; take it.

And what happened to speech is happening to money right now, and there is no going back.

  1. It isn’t entirely true. Traditional media is extremely dependent from the State and worships it daily. It even has its fake rebellious decoys. But this isn’t really censorship, it’s more like subsidized spam. []
  2. Interestingly, France censors encouraging racial hate, holocaust denial, endangering the safety of the State, and… encouraging tax fraud. []
  3. It’s incredibly hard to defend yourself against a defamation lawsuit in France, as you have to prove everything you said is true, in court. Many books have been effectively censored that way. []
  4. One of the most notable early users being the Church of Scientology, but it also helped build a censorship infrastructure. []


One of my favorite sources of music is being endangered by a take-down order sent by their local MAFIAA to their host. However, as they stated on their website as the news got out:

  • The MAFIAA has no legal basis, it’s just scare tactics.
  • Their host is not scared and will not comply (unless they have a court order, of course). Many hosts in the past were quickly intimated or bribed by the intellectual “property” police.
  • They run very frequent backups, to various locations in the world.
  • They have an idle server in an undisclosed location, twice as more powerful, just waiting in case of a police raid. Which would mean almost zero downtime, and a another waste of taxpayers’ money.1

The administrators who run these kind of websites – and I’m not only talking about piracy -, they are true modern heroes with big fucking balls. Thank you, guys.
And each time one of them is taken down, new ones, better, tougher, will emerge.

  1. Don’t think you pay for anti-piracy? Learn about “operation fastlink” and the other similar ones []