Pourquoi quand je vois une télé qui affiche ANALOG, à chaque fois, je lis ANAL06 ?

Les Français sont-ils si stupides ?

Pourquoi un film comme The Hangover est-il traduit Very Bad Trip, alors que :
* The Hangover ne veut pas dire Le bad trip, mais La gueule de bois
* Difficile de faire plus hideux que Very Bad
* Tout simplement, pourquoi « traduire » de l’anglais vers l’anglais ?

L’heure de la terre

Pour manifester mon soutien à cette initiative trop peu médiatisée, j’ai éteint à 20h30 les deux ampoules à LED qui m’éclairaient.

Puis j’ai mis en route un sèche-linge, deux plaques électriques, et un emerge -u1avDN world, le tout en musique grâce à un ampli à tubes. Comme il faisait un peu noir j’ai allumé les 8 ampoules halogènes qui étaient à ma disposition. Et comme il faisait un peu chaud avec tout ça, j’ai ouvert la porte de mon réfrigérateur.

Steve Jobs is Big Brother

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, the members of the Party are convinced all the restrictions are for their own good, and all their thinking processes are convoluted, just like Apple fanboys accept the restrictions, wait and pay for each new feature passively, etc. Their perception of reality is distorted.

They look down on those who are not members of the Party (Apple fanboys tend to believe they are part of an elite), yet the proles are actually more free!

Apple’s communication is also quite similar to the Party, in the way that it is incoherent (“there is no iPhone 4 antenna issue, but we will provide a free fix for it”) yet completely accepted.

Production is always higher, just like every Apple announcement is a revolution, and every new product was a success. The latter reminds me of the historical blindness: fanboys erase Apple’s previous failures (technical and commercial) from their minds, and we’ve always been at war with Eastasia.

Steve Jobs once said “Freedom from porn”, which will remind of “Freedom is slavery”.

Steve Jobs is viewed as an immortal genius by fanboys; Big Brother is the immortal leader of the Party. Without Steve Jobs, there is no Apple; there is no Party without Big Brother. There is a very strong cult of personality, and you know what it usually leads to.

Poker is pure luck

Whenever I say that poker is pure luck, poker fans usually get quite mad1 about it, but can’t even start a proper explanation on how it isn’t. That’s the only stuff I found after quite some effort searching the web:

  1. You don’t understand poker
  2. “Skilled” players win over “unskilled” players or randomized players
  3. The same players come at the top of tournaments

I couldn’t find anyone explaining what the “skill” was exactly. Weird, uh?
My responses to these sorry-ass explanations:

  1. It is a very simple game after you remove all the vocabulary cruft and other useless talk. That’s why idiots like it: it’s simple yet they it makes them feel intelligent.
  2. These kind of studies are cited as scientific evidence that poker is not pure luck. Unsurprisingly, poker fans don’t understand much how science works. Some players are better at estimating odds, i.e. luck. A random player does not consider the odds. “Skilled” players are either stupid (they consider odds but they are not aware of it) or very intelligent but evil (they exploit the stupidity of others). A “perfect” human (or… a robot) could always have the exact odds at hand, and chose a safe strategy to win on the long run.
  3. That’s actually the most used argument. That’s just because all the others are idiots, who get influenced and don’t know it’s just a game of odds.

The sad fact is, anyone can write a bot to play online poker and win not much, but regularly. That’s why online poker sites try to block bots, by using closed-source clients and closed protocols, and monitoring how many tables someone is trying to play at once.

Even if you consider estimating odds is a skill, it’s just a fucking boring skill. I’d rather play FarmVille.

  1. and I really enjoy that []

Mac owners have to be sent to extermination camps

A bit I encountered that infuriated me:

Created w/ Audacity @ 16bit/44.1kHz.
Ripped using an Ortofon 2m Blue Cartridge mounted on a Music Hall MMF 2.2 with Acrylic Platter and Pro-Ject Speed Box. Sent through a Marantz PM5003 Integrated Amp w/ the units Pre-amp into the line in port on my MacBook Pro.

We see that very expensive and high-quality equipment is used to send everything to an absolutely crappy laptop sound card. It’s like eating caviar in a plate of vomit. What the fuck? And a good sound card would cost less than ten percent of all this stuff. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

But what is the most significant with this mac faggot is the use of my. Like all macfags, he uses my like my iPhone that I love so much I stuff it in my ass every day, my “unibody” MacBook Pro, my shiny iPad that is shiny, etc.

Ripped using an Ortofon 2m Blue Cartridge mounted on a Music Hall MMF 2.2 with Acrylic Platter and Ø Pro-Ject Speed Box. Sent through a Marantz PM5003 Integrated Amp w/ the units Pre-amp into the line in port on my MacBook Pro.


Levallois : une ville de merde

Alors déjà, c’est presque en province (la province, c’est là où il n’y a pas de métro), donc c’est mal parti. Bref, me voilà dans cette ville de merde, je marche parce qu’évidemment y a pas de transports (même pas un vélib même si c’est pour les pédés). Je constate qu’il n’y a personne dans les rues, à part des grosse bagnoles. Les immeubles sont soit des bureaux moches soit des trucs à gueule de HLM (mais au vu des voitures garées, c’est pas des HLM, ou alors il y a beaucoup de dealers de drogue, mais j’en doute un peu).

On notera quand même une rue « Thierry Le Luron » et l’absence de « Stalingrad » et autres « Jaurès ». Aussi, comme le dit FoX, c’est plus propre qu’ailleurs. J’ai vu un SDF mais il était bien caché. Bref une ville de droite, mais j’ai connu des villes de droite qui avaient dix fois plus de classe.

Un post court, comme la bite des gens qui habitent dans cette ville de merde.