Bitcointalk, always retarded

Retarded, as in late.

Bitcointalk has the tendency to fall in love with scams, live in denial, hate the ones calling out the scams, then eventually realize they got scammed. Way too late.

Many of those clairvoyant people were actually banned from the forums; this isn’t just some groupthink à la reddit but an actual organization promoting scams. The poorly thought trust system also highly favors said organization, considered as trustable by default.

GLBSE, Cognitive, Labcoin, MtGox, Neo&Bee, the list goes on. And they do not learn, the cycle appears to repeat every time.

But what can you do?

  • If it’s on Bitcointalk, assume it’s a scam.
  • Assume that the more involved in the Bitcointalk power structure someone is, the more of a scammer he is; including “VIP”, “Donators”, etc.

Yo #bitcoin-assets, I put contrarianism in your contrarianism

Apparently, a ritual of #bitcoin-assets is to blog about how #bitcoin-assets is marvelous and how we are superior to everyone.

Not entirely incompatible with my blog, which from its inception has been about how I am superior to everyone.

Still, I just don’t feel it is quite right.

Perhaps this is a better description:

herbijudlestoids:i gotta say, im used to hanging out with opinionated geeks, but yall have some of the weirdest forced opinions iv encountered

Better yet, this one:

We take ourselves very seriously here. Derp Derp, Derp Derp Derp.

Credit for the image is unknown, but I believe this was first about, though it has been true of the more or less exclusive communities I have been part of. Not that there is anything wrong with it.

A third description would be simply #bitcoin-curmudgeons.

A fourth (added after initial publication):

Framedragger: i’ve to admit, even though this chan is full of pompastic arrogant fucks, the content is pretty sweet

Two blog posts in a week, after more than a year of inactivity?! Well, the few readers that are left know this isn’t the first time. Perhaps blogging is a muscle.

Accounting for the Amazing Company. The Bitcointalk standard.

Q. This introduces the accounting rules for Bitcointalk public companies

Such accounting rules are proper and necessary, because Bitcointalk investing is fundamentally and structurally different from investing.

Since no revenue is to be expected, we consider most accounting standards to be useless. Some unique properties, which will follow, make them inappropriate anyway.

This accounting scheme is intended to be:

  1. Unclear
  2. Convoluted
  3. Ambiguous

W. The accounting system

1. The accounting period has to be creative. Reports can be announced any time and should not be released at said times. Failing that will show that the CEO is not busy enough with things.

2. The statement should include the perspective of the CEO on at least one unrelated matter.

3. The statement can include numbers; either totals or expenses, however they should not include both. A mention that some numbers might be outdated should always be present.

4. Ideally, the statement should not be in a standard format, especially not tabular. To achieve that goal, it could be told as a story. The CEO is encouraged to mention a personal matter; for example mention a visit to the vet for the family dog.

The assets account plan may consist of accounts:
One account type may be the proceedings of the multiple IPOs. It is however dangerous as shareholders might expect funds that were not used to be returned.
A more common account type is losses due to external but unfortunate and unforeseeable events. Due to the ever changing nature of Bitcoin drama, there are no guidelines, but a 2013 example would be Transaction Malleability, BitFunder, Mt.Gox or Heartbleed.
Listing expenses is discouraged as it might help the competition spy on the business plan (which was judiciously kept secret).

The liabilities account plan consists of no accounts:
Being involved with the Amazing Company is considered a privilege.

E. Using the accounting system for judging corporations.

It is considered a bad practice to use the accounting system to judge investments. Emotions, feelings, hope and current involvement with said corporation should be used instead.

R. Miscellanea

You can review an example of this system at work here.

Feminism is a mental illness

Read this.

So she:
– took a picture of the “offending” guys without their knowledge (isn’t that illegal?)
– published it on twitter
– instead of confronting them, publicly complains to thousands of other people who should not give a damn
– write a 2000 word unreadable blog post about the “situation”
– seems proud of getting the guys fired

I posted the following comment:

The only thing to retain from this article: don’t talk at a tech conference if there is a woman nearby.
Now, will this help women get into tech? Of course not, they will feel shunned. I’d like to have more women there, but batshit insane feminists will not allow it.

Granted, it’s not the best thing I ever wrote. Yet, it’s true: I will now not talk near women at a tech conference, because I will fear for my career.

Result? She banned my IP; not from commenting but from ever accessing her blog.

Thankfully, the most popular comments call her out on her bullshit too; they just don’t see she is also harming women by her actions.

Also, GitHub actually jokes on the “fork” word too, they display “hardcore forking action” when you “fork” a repository. I hope she goes after them next!

There’s more: she makes fun of developer stereotypes on Twitter, or jokes about penis size.

I have the whole “talking to a developer without making direct eye contact” thing down to a science, lol!

How do you know you’re talking to an outgoing developer? They look at your shoes instead of their own

you should put something in your pants next time…like a bunch of socks inside one…large…sock. TSA agent faint

Now, I’m not saying she should not make those jokes; but when you do that kind of shit don’t judge other people’s jokes.

Update: She lost her job too. I felt bad because it will probably will be harder for her to find a new one. Then I found yet another crazy tweet. How can someone think such horrible things that are damageable for everyone?

Black people CANNOT be racist against White people. Racism is a position of the oppressor who has the power


Il y a quelques semaines, une actualité s’est retrouvée partout dans la presse « Free est en retard d’après Fleur Pellerin ». Ceci s’est accompagné d’une absence totale de preuve, ni même de la définition de retard.

Ce qui est d’autant plus surprenant, puisque Free a pour l’instant rempli et dépassé les objectifs qui lui ont été fixés par l’ARCEP.
Il semblerait même qu’ils dépassent aussi leur prévisions internes.

Je n’explique cette communication de la part que Fleur Pellerin que comme un pur acte de malveillance.

Comment taxer les riches ?

D’abord, définissons ce qu’est un riche : c’est quelqu’un pour qui employer un fiscaliste est rentable.

On voit souvent des plaintes sur les riches qui finalement payent moins d’impots (en proportion) que les classes moyennes.

Alors, comment taxer les riches ? C’est simple, simplifier et baisser les impôts. Il devient tout de suite beaucoup moins rentable d’aller ailleurs. Bonus, beaucoup moins d’argent est dépensé dans des procédures inutiles, et ce des deux côtés.

Évidemment, cela suppose que les taxes sur les hauts revenus sont là pour rapporter de l’argent à l’État, plutôt que pour des raisons politiciennes. Laule.