Nightwish is dead

I just listened to Amaranth, Nightwish’s new song. While I am not a fan of Nightwish, it was not the worst metal band out there (I’m not speaking of mallcore, mind you). While listening, I kept thinking it was more like crappy pop-rock than metal. It was also the scientific demonstration that without Tarja Turunen the band lacks of any interest (Marco Hietala doesn’t save the day). They also stopped using gothic imagery, and their last promo picture is just ridiculous (there is a guy with a stupid hat and another with what seems to be a bandanna). This is probably not their first ridiculous promo picture, but Nightwish, you just suck big hairy balls.
Well, Tarja, who also happens to be an opera singer, is now working on a solo career. I wish her the best.

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